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Winter examinations in SamMI

Date of publication: 24.01.2019

      At the Samarkand Medical Institute, according to the curriculum, in the last week of January, a six-month certification or so-called. "Winter session" of students of 1 - 5 courses of all faculties.

Assessment of knowledge, skills and competence of students by disciplines is carried out in three stages. At the first stage, students pass the current control and, with a positive assessment, are allowed to the second and third stages, that is, to pass the final controls in the form of an oral-written survey in the departments and independent test control at the Institute's test center. Moreover, the latter also consists of three stages. Thus, during test control, theoretical knowledge of students is assessed, to evaluate their thinking when making decisions, students solve situational problems, and competence assessment occurs when they pass practical skills. Such a comprehensive assessment allows you to objectively determine the knowledge, skills, practical skills and competencies of students, which ultimately increases the requirements for the quality of education.


Oral-written exam at the Department of Biochemistry


Senior teacher H.Sh. Shaikulov takes an oral-written survey at the Department of Microbiology

Preparation for the delivery of the oral-written exam at the Department of Normal Anatomy

Vice Dean of the Medical Faculty Z. Makhramkulov on an oral and written survey at the Department of Normal Anatomy

Oral-written exam at the department of histology of students takes Professor TD. Dehkanov ...

... and Ph.D., Dean of the Medical and Pedagogical Faculty Assoc. F.S. Oripov

Students of the faculty "HQN" pass an oral-written survey for the exam at the Department of Microbiology

Oral-written exam of students at the Department of Surgical Diseases No. 1 of the Therapy Faculty

On oral and written survey at the department of dermatology participating employees of the Inspectorate for Control over the quality of education institute Ph.D N.ZH.Hushvakova

First-year students of the faculty "HQN" in the test center pass an exam in medical biology

5th year students of the medical-pedagogical faculty pass a test exam in the SamMI testing center

Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry SamMI PhD S.S.Zainiyev ...

.....Vice Dean of the Faculty of Pediatrics Docent. S.J.Yuldashev ...

... Vice Dean of the faculty "HQN D.S. Sadykova is monitoring the delivery of test tests of students of faculties.

Complex estimation allows to objectively determine the knowledge, ability, skills and competencies of students, which ultimately increases the demands on the quality of education




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