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Training on endosurgery in the 2 nd clinic of Samarkand medical institute

Date of publication: 25.06.2018

Within the framework of the 2-phase scientific project "Case study of echinococcosis in the Samarkand region", supported by the Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), from June 18 to 22 a visit was made to the 2nd clinic of SamMI professor of the Department of Surgery of the Severans Clinic at Yonsei University (Seoul, Republic of Korea) Mr. Woo Jyoung Lee. This is the third visit of a well-known surgeon to SAMMI.

The purpose of the visit: conducting the training on endosurgical methods of treatment, patient consultation and conducting a master class for performing laparoscopic and thoracoscopic operations for liver, lung, and other surgical diseases.

 The training program included a review of the main achievements of modern laparoscopic surgery, the provision of knowledge and skills for young surgeons and operating sisters on endosurgical equipment and instruments, as well as a practical course - patient consultations and demonstration operations.

 Within the framework of the visit, from 20 to 21 June, a scientific and practical seminar was held: "Innovative technologies in surgery and pediatric surgery", in which doctors, surgeons of the clinic, employees of the departments of pediatric surgery, faculty surgery and the department of oncology SAMMI, interns of the department of pediatric surgery, anesthesiology and reanimatology of the faculty of postgraduate education.

 The following reports were heard and discussed at the seminar:

- Features of endosurgical interventions on the abdominal organs - prof. Woo Jyoung Lee;

- Features of laparoscopic interventions in the surgery of echinococcosis of the liver and lungs - prof. Shamsiev J.A.;

- Endosurgical interventions for inguinal hernia in children - prof. Woo Jyoung Lee;

- Features of laparoscopic operations in the pathology of the hepatopancreatobiliary tract - prof. Woo Jyoung Lee;

- The role of minimally invasive endosurgical technologies in pediatric urology - Daniyarov E.S.

On June 22, Professor Woo Jyoung Lee conducted a training seminar for surgical nursing clinics on the use and sterilization of tools for endo-surgery operations.

 From June 20 to June 23, 2018. Professor Woo Jyoung Lee together with Professor J.A.Shamsiev conducted master classes on performing minimally invasive endosurgical operations: laparoscopic appendectomy, videothoracoscopic lung echinococcectomy, laparoscopic hernioplasty in inguinal hernias in children, varicocelectomy, cholecystectomy, laparoscopic operation with a biliary cyst of the liver, laparoscopic removal hemangiomas of the liver, etc.


Meeting prof. Shamsiev J.A. with prof. Woo Jyoung Lee


prof. Woo Jyoung Lee passes 2 - clinic SamMI laparoscopic instruments from "KOIKA"


Lecture prof. Woo Jyoung Lee - "Features of laparoscopic operations in the pathology of the hepatopancreatobiliary tract."

Lecture prof. Woo Jyoung Lee - "Endosurgical intervention for inguinal hernia in children."



Consultation and examination of patients with surgical pathology by  Professor Woo Jyoung Lee


Master class - prof. Shamsiev J.A. and prof. Woo Jyoung Lee during laparoscopic appendectomy

Operation - laparoscopic hernioplasty for inguinal hernia in a child

Operation - videothoracoscopic echinococcectomy of the lung


prof. J.A. Shamsiev during laparoscopic hernioplasty


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