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Samarkand state medical Institute awarded the certificate of conformity of quality management of higher professional education issued by the Agency "Uzstandard" O''zdst ISO 9001:2009

Higher professional education at Samarkand State medical Institute is conducted on the basis of State educational Standards of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 5 areas of undergraduate: 5510100 –General medicine, 5510200 – Pediatric case, 5111000 – Professional education (5510100 General medicine), 5510300 — Medical preventive care, 5510400 - dental faculty and 5510700 — Supreme nursing and 24 master's degree programs.

The Institute has six faculties: medical, pediatric, medical pedagogic, higher nursing and postgraduate doctors. The faculty consists of the departments 46: 15 — the medical faculty, 15 — pediatric faculty 5 — faculty of medical pedagogy, 5 — faculty of higher nursing and 6 of the doctors improvement faculty

The duration of training in General, pediatric and medico-pedagogical faculties is 6 years, preventive health and dental Department– 5 years, the highest nursing – 3 years.

Currently, the Institute trained 2975 students in 5 areas of undergraduate, 417 graduate residents in 24 specialties and 269 clinical residents in 29 specialties.


State educational Standards (GOST) of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the areas of undergraduate:


5510100 - Medicine

5510200 – Pediatric case

5111000 – Professional education

5510300 – Medical preventive care

5510400 - Stomatologicheskogo faculty

5510700 – Supreme nursing


State educational Standards (GOST) of the Republic of Uzbekistan on specialties of a magistracy:

5А510101 Obstetrics and gynecology

5А510102 Endocrinology

5А510103 Internal medicine

5А510104 Otorhinolaryngology

5А520106 Ophthalmology

5А510107 Infectious diseases

5А510107 Phthisiology

5А510109 Neuroscience

5А510110 General Oncology

5А510112 Surgery

5А510113 radiology

5А510117 Urology

5А510118 Morphology

5А510119 Narcology

5А510120 Anesthesiology and intensive care

5А510121 Traumatology and orthopedics

5А510123 Forensic medical examination

5А510201 Pediatrics

5А510202 Pediatric surgery

5А510204 Pediatric cardiology and resuscitation

5А510205 Pediatric neurology

5А510206 Neonatology

5А510108 Dermatovenereology